Friday, 19 February 2010

~ Snow & Sledging ~

It started snowing yesterday in the early afternoon. By nitefall, the ground was nicely and thickly covered with snow! This morning, we decided to bring the boys sledging as they have not done any so far this year. So we headed to a park and the fun began!

The boys enjoying a whizz down the slope. The only problem we had was coming back up again. It can be quite tiring walking up the slope especially in thick snow! But it was super fun. Even hubs & moi had a go! We made the boys wear their bicycle helmets for safety. 

A nice lady saw me snapping photos and offered to take one for us. She too had a DSLR and probably understood what it was like to be behind the camera all the time. So here's a family photo of us. Confession here... we didn't build the snowman, it was already there and the boys merely played with it.

After sledging, we headed down to Poole to visit our SIL and her family. BIL's birthday is on Sunday so we thought we go down to celebrate his birthday. Always nice to have a short break from home. TTFN!


Claire said...

Looks like fun! Lovely family photo x

Edleen said... fun! love that family shot :)

Rose said...

looks like you all had a fantastic fun time :)