Sunday, 14 February 2010

~ Happy Chinese New Year / Valentine's Day ~

Wishing all my Chinese friends

It's the Year of the Tiger!

Not often that both these special occasions fall on the same day but it did this year. Valentine's Day got pushed back as I was busy preparing for my son's birthday as well as the Chinese reunion dinner. Kinda wish I was in Singapore as CNY is a big event there and I'm missing terribly all the CNY goodies and snacks! Also the atmosphere is electrifying too. Being here is so different. You don't really get the feeling of CNY at all.

The day was spent sorting the house out after yesterday's big event! Discovered as well 3 missing pairs of craft scissors as my eldest used them yesterday and conveniently misplaced them.... 3 pairs! So annoyed with him. Gosh, they are my tools and I can't craft without them as I tend to cut out my stamped images a lot. I can understand not finding a pair but 3!!! Told him he's not having his DS this week until my 3 pairs of scissors appear! 

Glad it's the half term break! Looking forward to a week of not having to wake up early! :) TTFN!

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Emma said...

kids and craft scissors eh! My dd is just the same, i'm still missing my fav pair since before christmas!