Saturday, 13 February 2010

~ Happy Birthday Zac! ~

7 years ago, this little cutie was born. Fast forward today, we celebrated his 7th birthday. Where did the time go? I want him to still remain my babe. 

He expressed his desire to go bowling so we did. I invited our relatives and family friends and we has a smashing time at the Ten Pin in Star City. 

We booked 2 lanes, one for the kiddies (there were 7 of them) and for the adults. All of us certainly enjoyed a great day out. 

As it was the eve of Chinese New Year, I held the traditional reunion dinner. So after bowling it was back to my place where hubs and I prepared the table for the dinner. We had steamboat (fondue a la chinoise!) Basically, a big pot of steaming soup and we chuck in the food to cook. We had prawns, squids, fishballs, tofu, roast chicken (for those who didn't like seafood) and beef. And not forgetting an iron-rich Chinese vegetable! We all had a great time. I nearly forgot to take photos and managed to get a couple towards the end of dinner.

After dinner, we cut the birthday cake. When Zac saw this cake, he wanted it... not surprising since he's a DS addict!

Party broke up at 11pm. The boys' cousins stayed over which excited them all and took them a while to get to sleep as they were constantly chatting and giggling away (yes, boys do giggle too).

It was a great day and it was also nice to see my SILs and their families. I'm thankful that we do get along well. TTFN!

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Fay aka Beautifullily said...

Happy birthday Zac, sounds like a greta day was had. I wish they stayed babies too!