Tuesday, 1 September 2009

>>> Back In The UK! <<<

So we are back home! I'm totally shattered and have not slept for a good 17 hrs. I can't sleep on planes so I ended up watching movies after movies e.g. The Proposal, Wolverine, 17 Again etc. Must have watched at least 5 movies in all. Hands up to Emirates in-flight entertainment system. It kept the boys busy too.

The boys on their DS while waiting at Dubai airport. Zac sitting on a stroller (he just woke up and wasn't in any mood to walk) that was found around the airport.

Being entertained by the in-flight system. Loads of movies, music and game channels.

Reached Birmingham airport and it was really crowded. However, I breezed through customs being a foreigner (that lane happens to be rather free) while hubs and boys had to queue for a while. Went to wait for the bags and was shocked to find that they charged £1 for a trolley (and you had no course of refund)! What the heck! Gosh, I just can't believe they did it! Dubai airport was offering free strollers and you could find them easily in the airport! If Birmingham airport really wanted to raise funds, that was a darn cheapskate way of doing it! We had no choice but to get one as we had 7 luggage. Had to get the boys to roll their own!

Came home to a spic and span house. Hubs had totally re-decorated the bedrooms. Swapped bedrooms and got new wardrobes. He even got me the new shelves I wanted from Ikea and it came with a table. Bless him! I had wanted to make the craft room, a study room as well as the boys now need a space to do their homework.

I saw this cubicle unit and it came with a table and wanted it for the craft room. So hubs got it and installed it in my craft room. How he managed to wade through tons of mess and stored them in is beyond comprehension but gotta luv him for it. Now I've got to re-sort the cubicles according to my crafting needs. Good time to de-clutter too.

Gonna be real busy this week. Need to unpack 7 luggage, re-sort the wardrobes as MIL helped Hubs to sort the boys clothings but certainly not to my liking. Think I'm off to bed now... head's throbbing due to lack of sleep. TTFN!


~amy~ said...

Hey you...welcome back home!!!! Your hubby is definitely a keeper...I don't know if I told you but your pkg went postal on 8/22....I think that's when it was...def after the 20th....

Have fun organizing your craft room!

lisa said...

Good to have you back Audrey. Your storage looks fab x