Tuesday, 8 September 2009

>>> School starts! <<<

The boys started school today and I started work as well! We all got up nice and early and managed to get out of the house in good time. It's Zac's last year in Infants. Gosh, still remember the time he first started out at Reception and now he's the oldest group at Infants! Time do fly!

Day went well apart from Oliver losing his lunch bag! God knows how as he remembered his teacher passing him his lunch bag and after that, it simply disappeared! Thank goodness it's an old bag but I'm mighty peeved with him as he's forever losing his personal stuff! Let's see if we ever do get it back otherwise he can jolly well bring a plastic bag to school instead!

Jetlag hit me hard in the evening especially after dinner. Felt this overwhelming sense of tiredness and had to retreat to my bed for a rest. The next time I knew it was already midnite when I woke up! Sheesh! I had plan to do some scrapping in the nite. It's nearly a week since we've been back and I'm still suffering from it. Usually I don't go to bed till 2ish in the morning!

Back to routine now! Will miss having the boys around as we had a great time together during the hols! So when's the next half term..... TTFN!

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Oh My goodness I adore this love all the stamps you used on this!!!