Thursday, 24 September 2009

>>> Urghh! <<<

Internet started playing up on Monday nite but thankfully not before I managed to send off an important email and uploaded my card for a competition! Then no access on Tuesday and finally the technician came and sorted it on Wednesday. Modem went kaput. So got a new one but now, wireless router doesn't recognise it and despite having installed an updated firmware (had to call hub's company IT dept to sort it as the PC desktop is kindly supplied by them), it still doesn't work! So here I am, having to rely on only one PC to get access to the net. Been so used to having surf the net on my bed with my Mac!

This has been a busy week for me. Loads to do in school. Also input all schedules in my iCal (calendar feature on Mac). Luv the iCal as I've set up different calendars for different purposes (i.e. one for school term, one for ECA, etc) and it's so much easier to see now what's going on as they are all colour coded.

Had a few postal nitemares this week. First, my Scarlet Lime kits (Aug & Sep) were sent to Singapore instead of here!!! Arghh! This despite informing the owner of change of address! Sigh! It will be a while before I see those kits unless my bro happens to have UK on his flight schedule! And I was so looking forward to playing with them. Second, got a custom charge for the first time this year on a Unity stamp set. Bought the Le Chic Vintage including other stamps and 'cos I was over the limit by a mere £2, I was charge £3 by customs and a whopping £8 by the Royal Mail!!! Sigh! What a week!

Can't wait when this week ends. I need a break seriously and half term isn't till 23rd Oct! TTFN!

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