Sunday, 13 September 2009

>>> The Weekend! <<<

More clearing out, more sorting, more re-organising .... just seem never-ending! Glad to say cleared all luggage (except one which contain the boys' toys) and put the whole lot in the loft! Got rid of loads of clothes yet I still seem to run out of wardrobe space!!! Next will come the toys! Boys got loads that they don't play anymore.... will have to clear them when they aren't around.

Been busy creating with BackPorch Memories Sep Solo kit. It came late , doesn't help that the PO here had a strike a few weeks back hence I can only image the backlogs they are now going through! Let's hope it was worth their while as they now have to work doubly hard to clear the backlogs!

Managed to get through the week in sane mind. It was long though, I guess, after a long break somehow it seems harder to get back to work. Boys are slowly getting used to getting up early. Still, can't wait till the next half term! LOL! TTFN!

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