Wednesday, 2 September 2009

>>> 2nd Day! <<<

I was awake from 2ish in the morning. Not surprising since I was in bed from 4pm onwards. So spent the next few hours tossing and turning about till the kids woke up at 6ish! Left the suitcases alone as I needed to sort the boys' wardrobe. Hubs got them a new one as they had outgrown theirs. It was such a tedious task as clothes weren't arranged according to how I wanted plus toys were thrown in as well. Hence, a major tidy up began. I will also need Hubs to re-arrange the drawers too as they are currently way too high, even for me. He seriously need to consider that only him at the moment stands at 6 ft, the rest, wayyyy below!

Will need to give the boys each a black bag and get them to chuck out toys they no longer play. They've got far too much and not enough space for them.

Roll on tomorrow as it's my wardrobe that needs clearing out. I've got loads of clothes, most of them unworn for years. Time to de-clutter. Hubs did his part so it's my turn. Trouble is I'm such a hoarder and a sentimentalist. It's gonna be real hard for me to throw stuff out! Sigh! TTFN!

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jazsutra said...

hi audrey, Just dropping by to say HI! Hope you're not missing us too much teehee ;) We really enjoyed having you with us @ all the meet-ups. You takecare . o btw, saw the gorgeous tag you did for your boy at BF ;) Blessed weekend ;)-jaz