Sunday, 6 September 2009

>>> It's Done! <<<

The craft room that is! I've finally sorted and re-organised my stash space, re-packed all used kits and re-arranged everything accordingly to my needs. I will need to clear out some old scrapping magazines as I don't touch them anymore. There's still a bit more clearing up to be done but for now, I'm glad the bulk has been achieved!

Brought the boys to get new school shoes. Both their feet have grown a size bigger. The store was crowded but it was fast moving, thank god for that. Went to Tesco to replenish the house with food. Having been so long away, it was kinda empty. Spent a bomb but it will drop once we get back to routine.

At the moment, feeling a tinge of sadness that the summer holidays have come to an end. I had such a great time (made more enjoyable being away from here. Heard the weather during August was a complete wash-out!) Made new friends, caught up with old ones and ate to my heart's content. Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end... c'est la vie! TTFN!

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