Sunday, 6 September 2009

>>> The Weekend! <<<

My last summer weekend before school and work starts on Monday. Gosh, can't believe that the holidays simply flew by. It wasn't so long ago that I was taking a flight home and now I'm back again, getting ready for another school term. Time is passing by so quickly that it won't be long before Christmas is here.

Boys had violin workshop today and kinda jolted them into playing again. They had a 2 week hiatus from practice. As for me, thankfully re-sorted the wardrobes so the clothes are now nicely stacked according to where I want them. Chucked out some clothes too. Unpacked the 7 luggage too and cleared all the clothes/stuff. Bravely tackled my craft room today as well. Took out everything from the cubicles and started to re-arrange them to my scrapping needs. Seriously, I salut my hubs for making a brave attempt to clear my stash (I kinda left it in a right mess), installing the new unit and then putting them away nicely for me. Re-sorted all the papers and embellishment accordingly and threw out a lot of rubbish. It's such a slow and tedious process but I'm getting there slowly. As the unit is against the radiator, I have to make sure that my stamps are no where near those cubicles. Unfortunately that is the only wall long enough for the shelving unit.

Gonna call it a day... still suffering from slight jetlag and can't stay up late as I used to... TTFN!

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