Sunday, 20 September 2009

>>> Beautiful Sunday! <<<

Another fabulous day, sunny and warm! Spend the late morning at an Apple workshop for iTunes where the chap gave us lessons on using iPhoto, iMovie and a bit of Garageband. There was more people this time. Again, the workshop was very informative and I'm luving the Mac even more now!

Met up with the family and we headed to Ikea, where we had lunch and then bought the boys an Expedit bookcase (4x2) for their room. Getting fedup of seeing their toys on the floor so now they have no excuse not to clear up (before it used to be on top of the wardrobe which is pretty high).

Got home and I eagerly tried the iMovie with my camcorder. Unfortunately, my particular Macbook doesn't come with a firewire so thereby I wasn't able to upload my movies (my camcorder uses the miniDV and a check on net showed that it wasn't possible to use it with a USB port as the iMovie won't pick up the camcorder). So in other words, it's back to the PC to do convert my movies!!! Oh well, I'm sure I'll find a way albeit a long one! Anyway, did manage to upload some movies on my Nikon compact camera and so had a play with them. Oh gosh, I had so much fun creating a movie, adding transition, title and music! It was easy once you got the hang of it! No doubt, will try to make a movies with all the videos that I had taken of my trip in Singapore! Looks like I'll be using my compact camera more often to capture videos now. I guess I can kiss goodbye to my old fashioned camcorder! Pity though as it had a fab zoom lens! TTFN!

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