Friday, 29 June 2007


I enrolled the boys in a karate class. Surfed the net to find a martial arts class in Birmingham and it brought this site up. Made some enquiries and brought my boys there. Both boys tried it but I think Zac was a wee bit frisky and I was told to wait till he's a little older. Oh well, will try him when he turns 5 next Feb!

Ollie did enjoy his session and wants to go again. We are given a couple of free sessions to try out before committing as they have to wear the karate kit for their session. Definitely will sign him on. It would be nice if I could find a kungfu class!!! Ok, I admit, a great admirer of Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jacky Chan and anything kungfu!!! Boy do I miss those movies like hell... really miss my Mandarin movies since I don't get it readily here in this country!

Hubby came back early from work. I got fedup of cooking and wanted to go out to eat. Somehow, we ended out watching a movie instead. Went to Star City and we gave the boys a choice as to what they wanted to watch and both chose Fantastic 4, the Silver Surfer over Shriek the third! After getting the tickets, we spied a Chinese Buffet Restaurant and had a meal there. Can't say it was great to be honest. It was ok but nothing special and definitely won't go back!!!

Movie was great. It has been ages since we last saw one and the boys enjoyed it!
Here's Ollie imitating the Silver Surfer

After the show, the boys went to the arcade and played some games. Well, they desperately wanted to win a stuff toy and we did managed to get a Spiderman doll after 3 tries which Ollie immediately coveted. That left Zac in tears so we had no choice but to play again. After shelling out £5, we managed to get a Ninja Turtle toy. Both boys then decided to swap with each other!

There were a couple of times we managed to get hold of the toy with the clasp but dropped it somehow! I think it's a big con! Oh well, the things we do for kids! Stupidly I forgot to capture it on photo... I was so tensed up each time the machine picked the toy and then promptly dropped it that I failed to whip my camera out.... gosh, that would have made a great scrapping topic! TTFN!

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