Monday, 25 June 2007

>>> Gourmet Guest Chef! <<<

I was asked by Caroline to be a Gourmet Guest Chef on A Spoonful of Sprinkles blog. Here's my LO that is featured:

Played with SassafraLass papers Serendipity. This is pretty bold for me but kinda like the effect!

Took part in a sporting activity in Zac's Nursery. They had a sports coach in to show the kiddies some soccer skills and we parents were supposed to take part together with the kids. I had great fun actually and was shown how to handle Zac as he was a left foot kicker and the coach showed me how to place him in order for him to kick the ball into the goal post. That was one brillant technique as he was kicking out of the goalpost but after positioning him properly, he kicked straight into the goalpost! Now wondering if I'll have problem with him being a leftie! He's becoming more prominent in the use of the left side of his body! Lefties are quite common in my family... my dad, MIL, SIL and her 2 boys and a host of relatives! My dad was forced to write with his right but apart from that, he used his left hand for everything else! At the end of the sporting activity, he was given a certificate as well as a bouncing ball! Gotta luv the Nursery! They are absolutely brillant in organising extracurricular activities for the kids! When I went to pick Zac, he came back with a gingerbread doll which he had made and was so proud of! Too bad he didn't like the gingery taste! LOL!

I was alerted to this stamp:

Oh man what a cutie!!! They are from SassafraLass and they are new, based on their Serendipity paper designs! And I managed to get my grubby mites on them! Yeehah! Obviously not in the UK as I doubt if any retailers have them yet! This country is one of the slowest to get anything new!!! Nah, the impatient person in me had to source it out on Ebay as the US online stores are completely out of stock. Typical! I just had to get them! So much ideas flowing in my head for using them! Rite, off to daydream what I can do with them.... TTFN!

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Mal said...

Hey, all the best folk are left -handed.