Friday, 1 June 2007

>>> Groan.... It's Raining Again! <<<

Weather sucks big time at the moment. It has been raining non-stop everyday this week and I can't even bring the boys out. They're getting bored staying in all day and it's too wet to even play in the garden!

Managed to somehow sneak the boys out to the library while the weather cleared a little and they spent some time choosing 8 books each. They love reading their books before bedtime and it's a cheap way of reading as much books as possible without spending da bomb on books! Already we're rapidly running out of space to store their toys! Desperately need to sort out a proper storage area for their bedroom.

Ohhhh, received a piece of exciting news today! Will share once it's official! :)

Dare #9 of the Asian Dare is up and the theme focus on inspiration from a word. I chose 'Ensemble', french for together. Decided to do the entire LO in French just for fun. Need to keep in touch with the language once in a while. Here's what I've done:

Journaling reads:
you and me
we pose
we talk
we laugh


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