Sunday, 17 June 2007

>>> Finally, Online Again! <<<

Sheesh! It was sheer nitemare on Friday to find myself unable to get online. I managed about an hour in the morning before discovering that any attempts to connect was unsuccessful! Couldn't have come at the worst timing as the Asian Dare was due to be up! Thank godness I had managed to shop during the one hour I was on!

Well, it must have been bad as it knocked the cable out too. It wasn't until Saturday evening that all was back to normal. Sure as hell left me a cold turkey which led me thinking that I'm seriously addicted to being online (that and scrapbooking, another serious addiction too!) I suddenly left isolated at the mere thought of not being able to go online and it sure as hell spoilt my mood the whole day! Even hubby commented how long my face was when he came in and laughed when he heard the broadband was down!

Zac went for a friend's birthday party at Wacky Warehouse. Gosh, he met his best friend from Nursery there and played like mad! His hair was literally soaking wet!

Prior to going, he was so excited about it and since then has asked that he has a party to celebrate his birthday next year! After the party, went to Asda to get my hot chocco, Milo! Have been without it for a week and suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms! Managed to grab a Father's Day gift as well!

What a shocker! It didn't rain at all and the weather was kinda brillant for the BBQ hosted by hubby's company. There were a few activities for the kiddies... bouncy castle, face painting, sporting equipment i.e cricket, tennis etc. My boys were off in a shot. Oliver found himself a playmate and Zac simply zipped about. He even had his face painted!!! Eventually he found a gal a few years his senior and hunted with her for rabbits! As for myself, got stung by nettle that was growing near the fence in the tennis court! Just goes to show how badly kept it was... imagine having nettles in that area! The kids were about too. Thank goodness for dock leaves!

Moi messing about in the bouncy castle with Zac!

Of all animals, Zac has to ask for an elephant, the one that doesn't appear in the painted face guidebook! The gal who painted him did a great job though! Later he changed his mind and went back for a tiger face!

Ollie hates having his face painted but prefer balloons instead. Somehow managed to get himself some fanciful ones!

The boys and their father having a tug of war... on the other side were kids! Hubby lost to them!

Food was typical... hot dog, burgers, bacon and chicken in a skewer. I took the latter and I despise eating the typical BBQ spread! Chicken was good though! There was an endless flow of drinks (now wondering how much the company paid for that! As usual when there's free flow, people tend to abuse it. However, as it was hubby's work colleagues, hence, there wasn't much debauchery around... doubt if that would reflect well on them!)

Have to say, the day went well. Must have been a miracle for it not to rain. TTFN!

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