Friday, 22 June 2007

>>> Just Plain Busy! <<<

Haven't blog regularly as I've been busy with DT assignments! Since the arrival of my kit from Homegrown on Monday, I had the Summer Survival project, June and July kit to do and was busy churning out LOs literally everyday! Have to say, I managed about 7 LOs so far for all the requirements. I've now got the projects to complete!

Here's Homegrown June kits. I can share June LOs as they have already been posted in the Homegrown gallery:

Played with Rusty Pickle's Guinivere papers. Boy those papers are exceptionally lovely. A mix of purple, green and brown. Such an unusual colour combo!

For my July kit, I had chosen to play with .... guess what! Rusty Pickle papers again! This time it's their latest range Mayflower.... wow! those papers are just dead gorgeous. Mix of black, red and cream. Absolutely delicious! Managed to whip up 2 LO within a day! I think I can easily do more LOs.

Regarding the Summer Survival kit, I played with papers from Rusty Pickle again! This time, Island Summer. That paper brand company has got the most coolest papers around! Also played with We R Memory Keepers Silver Lining, Love Elsie Toby and Creative Imagination Narratives. Received a new tool from Around the Block, Tagger. It's a tag akin to those you find on clothes in stores... where they tag the price tag to the clothes, the plastic thingy. Well, it's the same thing except you tag it to papers! Luv, luv, luv it so much!

I had Zac with me today as he was off school due to his Nursery receiving the new intakes for Sept! I wanted to bring him to a Playgroup but he wasn't interested. Instead, he wanted to go to his Nan's. Called her and she was in so we went over. The weather was horrid! In fact, it rained the entire day! Halfway in the the morning, we popped into Marks & Spencer as I had this craving for their chocco chip cookies! Managed to spied a lovely jumper and bought that too. It helped that MIL's possess a 20% discount card! We then led Zac loose in ELC to browse about. Can't say there was anything worth buying in that store! My boys are into Lego, Power Rangers and Ben 10 big time and all of which doesn't appear in that store! Didn't bother to browse other stores as it started to rain again.

Managed to get 2 hours by myself in the afternoon as I had to sort the washing. After picking Ollie, we went back to MIL. Ollie wanted to stay over at his Nan so I took Zac home. Poor chap must have been knackered by today's events that he went off to sleep without hassle! Rite, I'm off to catch up on my assignments. Need to finish them by this weekend as my Jul kit from Back Porch Memories will be arriving next week and I'll be busy again! I don't mind really as I much prefer to be busy than be extremely bored! TTFN!

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