Sunday, 3 June 2007

>>> Just Chillin'! <<<

I had a great lie-in this morning! Another scorcher of a day. Popped into Asda to get the kids some racket games i.e. badminton and tennis. Got the boys a packet of mini water pistol too. Darn store sold out of my fav chocolate drink, Milo! I'm already near empty on the current tin... mental note... always have a spare tin on hand! I'm not a tea or coffee drinker so Milo's is my only hot drink and luv to have one in the morning and before bedtime! It's one chocco drink that doesn't leave a sweet after taste unlike most brands that I've tried! For those who have not heard of it, it's a tin with chocco grains (that I even put on bread and butter and it makes the best sandwich!). You simply add water that viola, hot steaming chocco drink. You can add sugar to sweeten but I much prefer adding condensed milk.... ohhhh makes the drink taste even better!

Got home and hubby and I engaged in a game of badminton! I had a game yesterday with SIL and it was fun. However, I woke up this morning pretty stiff and sore with aching muscles... that's what happens when one doesn't exercise often. Anyway, with my sore limb, engaged in a game with hubby.

Moi, trying to hit every shot!

The boys engaging in their own water pistol game!

Glad to know that my skills aren't rusty. For someone who used to be a Physical Education teacher to one who sits on her arse all day, I feel pretty much embarrassed at my state of inactivity! Think I need to get down to the Leisure Centre to see what's sporting activity is on! I miss my yoga sessions!

Check out the Banana Frog Blog. Every Sunday there's a highlight of stamps used in various projects. Here's what I did this week:

Papers from Jack and Jill collection by Piggy Tales, and stamps: Fanciful, Journaling & Elegant Swirls.

This ATC was done using Pharmacy font as background and flowers, leaves and swirls created using Tropical Garden and Fanciful.


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