Monday, 11 June 2007

>>> Back To Reality! <<<

Wow! After an eventful weekend, it's back to reality... back to folding clothes and putting them away! Ohh really hate that chore... I've got no problems putting them into the machine but I absolutely hate folding them and I had 3 basketful of unfold clothes to sort out! Don't even venture into ironing...

I'm sitting twiddling my thumbs while waiting for a parcel from Homegrown where I've got tons to do, May/June DT LOs as well as Summer Survival projects! So annoying when you having ideas flying around but no kit to work on! Darn the postal system..... sometimes wish we could just beam parcels about! How cool would that be!!!

So in the meantime, I've decided to make sketches of the LOs that I've done. I always sketch before scrapping hence, thought it would be a cool idea to collate them on file. Here's one that I've done:

Decided to call them Sketchomatic. These sketches help me to scrap real quick as I hate fluffing around with papers and bellies and wasting precious time. When I have time to scrap, I just wanna get down and do it. The huge circles are chipboards buttons but they can be easily substituted for something else. As the sketches will be done on Publisher, hence it will be kept simple. Haven't mastered using any Adobe software yet! This is a 6x12" LO. Luv that size. Quick and easy to do a LO for photos just wanna scrap without much journaling. I used them during the cyber crop and they came in real handy! Incidentally, out of this sketch came this LO:

My two cropping friends are back from their holidays... both went to the US though not together and have bought tons of scrapping stuff! Who wouldn't since most of the scrapbook supplies come from there!!! Gonna be cropping with them tonite. Rite, guess I had better pack my stuff... TTFN!

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