Monday, 21 December 2009

>>> Still Cold! <<<

Catching up on blog posts!

Well, it's the first day of the Xmas break. Had to nip out to the PO for some last minute posting... some people will be getting their pressies/cards quite late this year. Well, at least I've sent it! The boys chilled out at home, playing with their DS and watching TV. As for me, was busy finishing up an assignment. Thank goodness we are not booked to go anywhere this Xmas. We had talked about it but I didn't fancy going anywhere. Just as well as the snow here has caused chaos in airports and on the roads. Once again, this country cannot cope with the amount of snow that has fallen the past few days. I pity those having to wait at airports, or other places, hoping to get to where they wanna go. I know what I'm gonna do for the next 2 wks... I'll be vegetating at home with my boys who also show no inclination of going out! TTFN!

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