Saturday, 19 December 2009

>>> Saturday Nite! <<<

Managed to get MIL to babysit the boys, well, they stayed over at her place and we went off to a Ladies Nite at hub's club. It was good to be alone for once and to enjoy the nite out. Didn't bother buying new clothes... just couldn't brave the crowds and managed to find a dress which I had not worn before.

Can you believe that dress is actually a UK size 6??? What on earth possessed me to buy that size unless it was bought years ago!!! I'm amazed that I can still fit into it although I have to admit it was tight in some areas. Well, at least I got thru' the nite without splitting the dress! LOL!

Had a great time. Food was good... a traditional Xmas dinner consisting of turkey, stuffing, spuds and cauliflower baked in cheese. Dessert was lemon cheesecake which I didn't fancy much. The highlight was the raffle draw. We won, not once but three times! When they called the last prize number, I didn't realised it was my ticket as no one responded. Then I look and saw I had the number called. But we gave it up as it was quite embarrassing winning so many times. I had picked a basket of choccie hamper and a lovely vintage box of wines. The third prize was a hamper of smellies (which I know I probably won't use so just as well I gave away!)

The raffle prizes!
Check out the wine box... how cool is that! I'm more interested in the box than the contents! There were a lot of hampers consisting of booze which I certainly didn't care for. Hence, had to go for one with food. That box of wine was chosen as all the food hampers were gone. Saw the box and I just fell in love with it.

Well, they say good (as well as bad) things come in threes... I certainly have been lucky this month: winning a lunch for 2 in a hotel at the Xmas Fayre in my son's school, winning a prize on Tim Holtz' blog, knowing he gets 3000+ comments! and finally winning at tonite's raffle, not once but 3 times! Maybe I should just get a lottery ticket..... TTFN!

Edited: I was asked what 'smellies' were.... oops, after living here for a while, kinda pick up the Brit slang. Anyway, for those interested to know, they are 'pleasant-smelling toiletries' (according to the Wiktionary definition). :)


Emma said...

I've had a very lucky time recently too, won too blog RAK's (one was yours) and something quite big elsewhere (can't say yet). Jason reckons I should buy a lottery ticket lol!

You look lovely in that dress, gorgeous colour on you!

Coochies & All said...

You look beautiful Audrey - and a size 6! I think I'll be a size 10 or something. :))
elaine t

~amy~ said...

check you out sista...woot woot!

Okay, now what in the heck are smellies? Sounds interesting...