Sunday, 6 December 2009

>>> Natter Natter! <<<

Time for a blog change to celebrate the festive season. I luv all things vintagy and chose the images from here. That lady is amazing!!! She has some fab images and so generous of her to share them.

Have you been following Tim Holtz' blog? That guy is fantastic... the way he uses stuff... kinda make you do a double take and see your stuff in a new light. Anyway, went to check out his latest tag and guess what! Found myself a winner so am chuffed! Can't wait to see what prize he sends!

Did nothing this weekend apart from helping my boy with his school project that is due this Wednesday! Seriously, dun understand why the school dispense with such project 'cos the kids won't be doing it by themselves. A chat with the moms found that all of them are helping their child do it. He's supposed to pick a character from the Victorian age and write about it. He chose Queen Victoria. Most of the research have come from the net, articles from various sites. God, I'm getting fedup with her and hope to finish it by tonite. I have had to put my crafting assignments on hold due to this project as my boy is unable to do this project by himself!!! Oh well.... back to her I guess.... TTFN!

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Emma said...

Found myself doing my daughters homework the other day, looked up and she had wandered off and I was left doing it on my own - something v wrong with that!!!