Tuesday, 1 December 2009

>>> It's December! <<<

Can you believe it we have reached the last month of the year! 2009 has simply flown and I can't believe it's nearing Xmas again. Just seem like yesterday that I was putting all the Xmassy stuff away and now, it's out again. Scary how time flies.

I signed up for Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas this year and last nite (typical), started preparing my album and pages for it. I managed to prepare the first few pages and have gathered my Xmas supplies in a box so that I can simply work from there. Let's see how it goes...

This is an American Craft 6x6 album (which I had lying around). Sprayed the background with glimmer mist using a GM snowflake stencil. Made use of Scarlet Lime Dec 08 kit to decorate the front. Font is an AC thickers which I bought years back and thought it would be appropriate for this album.

The side of the album. I had this swirl felt sticker from Queen & Co. for a while and thought they would fit the space perfectly!

The back of the album, glimmer misted with a GM stencil. Will add on a sentiment later.

The boys played their first concert this month. They usually attend the B'ham Strings orchestra after school and today was the last practice which accumulated into a concert. Quite impressed with what they have learnt during the past few weeks.

The boys in deep concentration during the concert

December has heralded the bitter cold weather. There was frost on the ground this morning and I had a thin layer of ice on my car's window screens. Could not be bothered to scraped it off, instead, threw warm water over it. Yeah, I shouldn't do it but wasn't about to freeze myself outside, scrapping off ice!!! It was registering -2 deg Celsius when I did the school run! Praying it doesn't ice up during this last 3 weeks before the term breaks. It's lethal and pretty terrifying driving on icy roads! Not all roads are gritted, especially the one around the school!

Off to help my son with his school project.... Queen Vic....which is due pretty soon. How extremely boring and I can think of a thousand and one stuff to do instead of researching on Queen Vic! Yawn! TTFN!


~amy~ said...

can't wait to see what you have in store for us with your journal...love how you've decorated it!!!!

Your boys are sooo sweet...

Emma said...

Love your journal cover! So pretty and love the colours