Wednesday, 23 December 2009

>>> On Display: Banana Frog <<<

A few items that I created using Banana Frog stamps. Luving their new stamp sets that came out recently:

Kawaii Kokeshi set

Swirls & Butterflies set

Here are my samples:

That cat is just too cute for words.

A tag that I created

A Xmas card using the Butterflies set

A frame

Finally, dug out the Retro Space set and created this canvas for my nephew as part of his Xmas pressie:

Played with some paints. Wanted to use orange but didn't have any so made use of red and yellow paints together. Those circular images in the background represent planets, in keeping with the Retro Space theme.

Got 2 more canvas to make and I'm done. Update on my car.... got it back eventually and the Garage apologised for their shoddiness and waived the charge for the water pump. However, they had to change the alternator belt and some other stuff and wrote a list of things that needed looking into! Thought a full service covered it but apparently, all they do is check but not fix! The latter comes with further charges!!! Sheesh! I can kiss goodbye to any Xmas gifts.... but I do need my car badly... public transport in my area is pathetic! TTFN!

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~amy~ said...

love all your projects Audrey...really love the asian stamp set!!! Merry christmas!!