Tuesday, 22 December 2009

>>> Livid Beyond Words! <<<

My car was due for MOT, servicing and needed a change in timing belt. So I booked with Renault, settled the price at £500 and got hubs to bring it in today. First sign of trouble came when he called me this morning to inform me that suddenly the price shot up to £400ish for timing belt + water pump! When did water pump come into the picture? Checked with him in the afternoon and more bad news. Bloody workman took the car apart and then found out they ran out of the specific part needed. Then more calls to hub's mobile informing him of other parts that needed changing otherwise it wouldn't pass the MOT. It suddenly became quite messy! So hubs went to collect the car in the evening only to be informed it wasn't ready. Needless to say he was furious and asked to speak to the manager. The manager offered to look into the case but I'm livid as I need the car tomorrow to run errands! Now if I don't get my car tomorrow, the head office in Renault is gonna get a very nasty complaint at the poor service. I'm extremely appalled at the shoddy service and the amount of calls they made. Each time they called, it was something that needed changing then they realised it wasn't and something else was mentioned! Not sure what game they were trying to play but we got proof of their shoddiness. I can tell you for sure my next car wouldn't be a Renault! Just as well, they didn't speak to me as I'm ten times more vocal than hubs and would have given them a piece of my mind! TTFN!

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