Thursday, 17 December 2009

>>> Snow! <<<

It was predicted that it would snow today and it did! I was coming out from my son's school and then I saw  little flake of snow. It does excite me somehow, to see snow! Then suddenly, out from nowhere, there was this torrent of snow that just came falling down! One minute it was bright and sunny, the next, a snow storm! Not surprising, it didn't take long for the entire scenery to change.

A flurry of snowdrops

A sudden snowstorm (felt like a sudden downpour of rain, I know as I was standing outside)

All white... in less than 5 minutes!

My boys were delighted with the snow and they went running out to play with it. They wanted to build a snowman but there wasn't enough snow to do one. In the end, they snowballed each other!

Scene from my back garden. So beautiful but gosh, so cold too.

I had warned them about throwing those snowballs at me!

Oliver, the snow angel!

In the evening, the boys received their grading results for their martial arts class. Both are now up another belt, much to their delight.

One more day to go.... wish it didn't snow that early.... roads are gonna be treacherous if they have not been gritted! TTFN!

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