Thursday, 24 December 2009

>>> Christmas Eve! <<<

Hubs got up early and went shopping for last minutes items. The boys and I had a good lie-in. It snowed again last nite and it's just so bitterly cold that I've got no desire whatsoever in going out! Spent the day wrapping up pressies as hubs had to go out and visit some friends. The boys took turns going out with him. As for me, I was busy creating a canvas for my nieces and nephews... which incidentally form part of their Xmas pressie!

Boys went to bed early without a murmur and was fast asleep before 9pm! Shock horror! It was midnite last nite before they went into la la land! I guess telling them Santa was gonna deliver their pressies did the trick. They still do believe in Santa, bless them. As for me, spend the evening wrapping up their pressies as we had hidden them in the garage. The boys are smart to look for stuff in the house hence, we didn't dare leave them around. So glad we got their Lego toys early as I read that it was one of the toys that sold out quickly and was selling at inflated prices on auction sites! Madness! Can't go wrong with Lego for boys! It was in their wish lists!

Oliver's pressies

Zac's pressies

It may appear a lot but some came from friends, relatives etc. Looking forward to seeing their faces tomorrow when they open them!

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy while it lasts! TTFN!

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