Friday, 4 December 2009

>>> Christmas Fayre <<<

Today's the Christmas Fayre at my son's school. As part of the organising committee, we had been planning it since October. As usual, I'm in charge of face painting and this year, have roped in another mom to help me out as it's a popular stall with a rather long queue. After chatting with other moms in other school, I implemented a ticketing system and it worked. It did away with the queuing (nothing worst than having people boring their eyes down onto you as you are working away) and it reduced the amount of children being painted. There were a few who took tickets but never came back. I didn't mind that as we still made a fair bit and it was less stressful than last year.

My boys were left enjoying the fair by themselves. I gave them some money and Zac came back with a large bar of chocolate that he had won on the chocolate tombola stall. I got lucky at the raffle ticket. Won myself a lunch for two at the Arden hotel, all in Zac's name! It was a good afternoon and we made over £500ish profit, which is good considering we didn't even have Santa at all. Have to say, I was thoroughly shattered at the end. Couldn't do much crafting at nite and instead, went to bed early! TTFN!

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