Sunday, 18 October 2009

>>> Whitmore Concert! <<<

The boys had their first violin concert of the season at Wiltmore in Staffordshire. It was held in a church amidst a historic and beautiful setting. Their music teacher is rather active in organising concerts around.

The concert officially kicked off at 3pm although we were there at 1.45pm for rehearsals. The boys are part of an apprentice group of violinists. The concert lasted for an hour which was opened by the Fuoco Strings playing their pieces. Then the Fuoco Strings apprentice group came on, followed by a lady who played the oboe (gosh, she was fantastic) and finally, the Fuoco Strings group finished it off.

Here are the boys doing a practice run. (blurred the other kids' faces)

After the concert, the boys were treated to an array of sandwiches and cakes. Then later, we headed to the nearby pub for tea. We certainly enjoyed our afternoon out. TTFN!

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