Monday, 5 October 2009

>>> Scarlet Lime Retreat Weekend! <<<

A group of Scarlet Lime subscribers started chatting on a kit thread on UKScrappers and after many months, this accumulated to an organised scrapping retreat and boy, did we have a blast! We rented this cottage and it was the perfect venue for a crop session.

It's already hard packing for a crop which is why I don't bother attending any more. I just found it such a hassle and invariably forget an essential item! Now a retreat is even worst! Took me 3 days, yes, 3 days to pack and even then, was still fretting over any forgotten items!!! With so much packed, did I do a lot.... ha! 2 LOs and a card was all that I managed! Still I had fun with the gals!

Our Scarlet Lime groupie! Why the name? 'Cos all of us subscribed to Scarlet Lime kit.

We were certainly a cosy bunch!

We enjoyed it so much that we are planning another one for next year. I kinda prefer this cosy arrangement as opposed to a commercial one as the latter is way too expensive and I'm just not comfortable with crowds. Certainly looking forwarding to the next one. This time I'll be better prepared! TTFN!

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