Saturday, 31 October 2009

>>> Happy Halloween! <<<

Normally we don't celebrate Halloween but my SIL invited us over to a party and the boys became excited! So we had to get them a Halloween outfit including all the accessories.

They (including their cousin) attended a Halloween party first at Monkey Business, one of those soft play places. It started with a magician show which they got bored halfway and went off onto the soft play areas. Then it was followed by party food. After that, we whisked them home where they got ready to go out for Trick or Treat. It was their first time and they were dead excited! We adults accompanied them. Have to say that people were all ready with their treats when the kids knocked on their doors. The boys had their buckets full of sweets and chocolates!

Moi & the boys

The kiddies knocking on doors.

The boys' treats!

The party continued at my SIL's house. The boys played games and had a very spooky time. We even put on a fireworks display. Finally, to calm them down, they watch a DVD and eventually dropped off to sleep!

Fireworks display

Games the boys played... Oliver sticking his hand in some yucky stuff to find bones! Zac wisely refused to join in! LOL!

All wrapped up as mummy.

It was a great day today! Weather was fantastic too, warm and just perfect for trick or treating! TTFN!

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