Saturday, 24 October 2009

>>> Wedding Party! <<<

We spent the afternoon getting new clothes for the boys, more precisely, Halloween costumes and a posh outfit for a wedding party tonight! The Halloween costumes were easy, the boys picked them out fairly quickly. The posh outfits, slightly more difficult. Somehow, we managed after a great deal of difficulty.

As the wedding 'after' party was family-based, the boys were invited and they had fun! It isn't often they get a chance to go out and they enjoyed it. There were other kiddies around too so they weren't so bored. They did look forward to the fish and chip dinner though!

It's so hard to get Zac to pose hence this particular stance!

The boys sharing a forbidden drink... Coke. I don't allow them to drink it but they somehow got their dad to get one for them!

I got to drive the Jag home as hubs had alcohol! That's the only time I get to drive that car! The boys were thoroughly knackered and couldn't wait to go to bed... not surprisingly since we got home at midnite! TTFN!


jazsutra said...

Audrey hi, how have you been, its nice to catch up with you @ the blogworld. so glad to see fun things goin on for you.thanks ever so much for your kind comments ;) and word of encouragements you leave on my blog everytime you're there.truly appreciate!

and hey. coke is my kiddos' forbidden drink too *lol*.your boys very handsome lar!!!


Edleen said...

same same here, no Coke for anyone @ home ;) although Rootbeer makes a nice alternative! hehe...

hope you're well and have a fun week!

jazsutra said...

hello again audrey, i love love love your blog header! *eyes rolling* teehee.Just dropping by to say hi and do blog soon ya ;)-jaz