Thursday, 15 October 2009

>>> Urghh! <<<

Down with the 'puke' virus that bugged Zac! He must have passed it on to me as I started feeling unwell on Monday nite and in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, puked for a good 5 mins! Yuks, it was such an unpleasant experience! Went to bed thoroughly exhausted but was quite restless until dawn. Struggled to bring the boys to school before collapsing in bed till the next school run. Hate feeling ill....

Was off sick from work. Felt a wee bit better in the morning (as in I could move about) and had some soup and bread for lunch (as I had nothing the day before). Big mistake! Felt quite ill in the afternoon and was struggling to pick the boys from school. Thankfully hubs was able to come back early and got the kids to their extra curricular activity. Spent the evening resting big time!!!

Thankfully felt so much better. Even went back to work (another big mistake as I came back thoroughly exhausted!) Was able to sweep the kitchen floor (couldn't bear seeing the crumbs on the floor) and even sorted out my patterned papers. I had them in 12x12 drawers and haven't touched them for a good year so figured it was time to separate them and sort them out accordingly. Came out with a dozen 12x12 baggies and a better idea what sort of papers I do possess, some completely forgotten!!! Got a fair number of scrap papers for cardmaking too. Feel so much better now that I organised my patterned papers.

Rite, time to do a bit of crafting. Missed it while I've been ill. TTFN!

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