Friday, 23 October 2009

>>> So Busy! <<<

It's Friday and the last day of the school term! The morning saw Zac performing for harvest assembly. His class was chosen to give a performance and the past few weeks saw him singing and dancing at home in preparation for it. Only parents of his class could watch the performance due to lack of space in the hall. It was certainly entertaining and I took a fair number of photos. Thank goodness for my new external flash as it certainly made a difference to the pictures! They were so much better and sharper.

Here's Zac doing his harvest rock and roll.

In the afternoon, Oliver's school held a sponsored walk and the children could wear a fancy dress in an environment-based theme. The kids had to walk around the school perimeter 10 times. I did join him a couple of time. It was interesting to see the various fancy dresses donned on by both the children and teachers. Thank goodness the weather was brilliant and it was sunny!

Here's Oliver dressed as a cyclist... do your part for the environment and cycle!

Today also marks the start of half term! Can't believe 7 weeks of school term is now over. Looking forward to a week of not getting up early! Yay! TTFN!

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