Saturday, 10 October 2009

>>> Curry Nite! <<<

Today was curry nite i.e. we have curry with another family. Their gals are in the same class as my boys and we somehow became friends. We could have taken the easy route and got a takeaway but noooo, hubs wanted to show off his culinary skills (which he's good at), so he cooked ... 2 curry dishes and a prawn cereal dish! Of course it went well with the guests! It certainly was delicious and stupidly, I forgotten to take any photos of today's event! Can't you believe it?

Poor Zac indulged in way too much sweets and he felt poorly at nite and puked! Not once but twice!!! He jolly well knows he can't have too much sweets but just got carried away. Let's hope he learn his lesson now.

On the crafting side, did 3 LOs, a card and a 4x6 picture all in one day. My fault for having it done last minute but that's moi! Adrenalin junkie that work well under stress! I do surprise myself sometimes. Got a few crafting projects to tackle over the next few days which I had better get a headstart.

Sold some cards of mine. My guests liked them so I sold them off rather cheaply. It's hard trying to fix a price for a handmade card as I don't want to sell them too dear nor do I want to sell below cost. But they needed to be sold as I'm running out of space to store them! I now need to do Xmas cards as they have been requested!

Looking forward to a long weekend as the boys are off school on Monday due to teachers' training. Yay! TTFN!

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