Saturday, 17 October 2009

>>> Blah Blah! <<<

Got my mitts on this today at Stampeezee Craft Store. I wasn't specifically searching for it but came upon this online store and saw it had this border punch in stock (not surprising, the corner one wasn't). Found out it was just 20 mins from my place, so called up and asked her to reserve it for me. Hubs was nice enough to drive me there (had to get him as I get hopelessly lost with new direction, yeah, even with the satnav!) Had a good browse in the store and they do have quite a fair interesting bits like Unity stamps!!! Had to give in to my paper addiction and bought a few Graphic 45 papers. I'm sure I'll be back there on my own to browse thoroughly. I knew they existed but never took much notice until today! Can't say they are cheap as some items are priced a wee bit costly but at least I don't have to pay postage cost so I guess that evens out.

Autumn is definitely here.... leaves are falling down in heaps and the boys luv running thru' them. Weather's getting colder too and the heating has to be switched on nearly everyday now. I've to start hunting down the scarves and gloves for the boys. Somehow, I can never ever find the other half of their gloves!!! I guess it's time to put away my summer shoes and bring out the winter ones!

Got this photo while coming back from my boys' violin workshop. There are still leaves on the tree but I reckon by November, they will all be gone!

Next weekend, the clock changes too, moving back an hour. Hate it when it starts getting dark early. I will really dread it when it starts getting dark at 4pm onwards! Yuks! It's a fact! I do not like Autumn!!! TTFN!

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Emma said...

Great punch, they will be my next obsession lol, wish they were cheaper though!