Thursday, 1 October 2009

>>> Another New Month! <<<

Oh my goodness! Sept flew so quickly that I could hardly catch my breath! Everything is kinda back to normal, i.e. same old routines, still a chauffeur to my boys and still creating. So much has happened and I'm still reeling from spring cleaning. Yes, I've not totally finished as I keep finding stuff that needs to be done so as soon as I'm finish one area, I start another! Have to say, it left me little time to create. The irony that as a part-time SAHM, I have even less time to play with my stash! Both boys in school and yet I can't find time in the day to sit down to create!

Today was no difference . Had training today to learn how to use an epi-pen for children with severe allergies. Found that quite interesting. Then in the evening, it was the PTA Annual General Meeting and discussion for this term's activities. For the 3rd time, been nominated and elected as Secretary (I must be doing something good then!)

I'm off tomorrow for a weekend retreat with a few friends I met online on the UK scrapping forum. We decided to form our own retreat without all the fuss and unnecessary expense. We found a dainty cottage online and booked it and I'm gonna be teaching a stamping class while the others will be coming out with challenges. Looking forward to it as I certainly need a good break from family life. It will also be good for the boys to have some quality time with their dad as he's working such long hours these days!

Guess I had better get back to packing....that's my problem... what stash to bring and to ensure I don't forgot the essentials. Will be back on Sunday ... TTFN!


Edleen said...

hey Audrey :) hope you'll have fun @ the retreat.

Coochies & All said...

You're going to a cottage!! Oh how I want to join you!! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog - always good to hear from you. :)
elaine t