Thursday, 21 February 2008

Zac's school celebrates the children's birthdays and it was Zac's turn to be standing around the birthday table. I think it's good that the school does it as it makes the kids feels like they really belonged there. Anyway, managed to snap a few photos. Yup, parents are invited to the birthday ceremony!

Well, they blow the candles and get a birthday pencil!

Joined Zac's school PTA and tonite was the 2nd meeting. Incidentally it's called Friends of Lynden Green Infant School (FOLGIS). I ended up being nominated as Secretary. How interesting!!! Basic role is to take minutes and do tons of paperwork! Oh well, might slowly ease my lazy arse out of the house and hopefully into the working society again. Been meaning to get a job but haven't given much thought to it! Ha!


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