Sunday, 10 February 2008

>>> Birthday Party! <<<

It's Zac's birthday party today! We decided to hold one for him at Build-a-Bear Workshop. I had heard about it and decided to give it a try.

His party commenced at 1.30pm. He had invited some of his school friends and all his cousins were there as well so there were 11 excited kiddies at his party. A party leader took charge of them leaving me free to take the pictures. I gave hubby the camcorder and he recorded the event.
Party started with the kids choosing their bears and it was centred around filling up the bears, combing and decorating them with ribbons. In between were games to occupy them. I believe the kids were dead excited and enjoyed themselves. Anyway, how often do they go to a birthday party and come back with a teddy bear??? Anyway, here are some photos:

Gathering the kids together

The fun part: choosing the bears

Zac and his chosen bear

Each kid were given a heart and they made a wish to put it inside the bears. This was the stage where they put the sound inside the bears as well.

Filling up the bear. Each kid stepped on a pedal to activate the filling process.

Grooming the bears

Photo session. We were given a photo of the event. (I took one as well). Later each kid were given a box to house their bears.

A surprise bear for Zac, signed by his party friends

After the teddy bear party, we proceeded to MacDonald for a Happy Meal. They were brillant in giving us the entire children's section to celebrate and even had balloons for the kids!

I can't say how thankful the day went smoothly. Kudos to Suzy, the party leader at Build-a-Bear Workshop and Steve, the manager at MacDonalds for making the day a success! TTFN!


Jane said...

That looked like one fun birthday bash, and Zack & Oliver are fantastic boys!

Julia said...

Glad Zac had a great birthday. The build a bear looked fun and I love Zac's cake!