Friday, 8 February 2008

>>> Gong Xi Fai Cai !<<<

A day late but want to wish a Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends celebrating this event! Really wish I was back home now as it would be an important occasion with loads of festive goodies to munch on. Anyway, CNY lasts for 15 days so I'm having the traditional CNY dinner on Sat with MIL and SIL and family who happens to be here for the weekend. I think it's her first time so hopefully she will enjoy it.

Went shopping at Wing Yip immediately after the school run. Talk about the store being empty, a far cry from Sunday! Managed to get the main ingredients except the vegetable as it was out of stock. Got Zac his birthday cake as well. He wanted a Spiderman cake. Also sent him to school with a bag of sweeties for his friends too. He was so proud to give them out. Apparently his school friends sang 'Happy Birthday' to him.

So what was I up to the past few days? Well, on Tuesday, the boys were at home as there was strike action in school (can you believe that?). So I brought them to Chinatown and we had duck horfun at a Chinese Restaurant. Later found out from hubby that we just missed him as he was there as well, entertaining a client.

As it was also Pancake day, I made some pancakes for the boys later in the evening. Did it from scratch too. Saw a morning programme how to do it and decided to give it a try. The recipe was easy enough to follow and I substituted it for goat's milk instead as Zac is intolerant to dairy products from cows (have to say that his eczema has cleared up tremendously since switching to goat's products). I made it a la French style i.e. thin and I much prefer it that way. Hubby usually makes it thick. It tasted really good and the three of us literally wiped it clean!

Wed and Thurs were bad days for me! Got the flu and really felt drained out! In fact, ended up in bed really early.

On Thursday, we had parents' evening for both boys. Oliver is slowly but surely improving on his writing (which happens to be a weak point of his). As for Zac, he's showing his stubborn streak in school by not wanting to record down stuff. He had to be threatened with staying in during play time before he would do some work! Typical... that boy responds to threat far better than persuasion! Then again, he's only 4 and a boy.... at this age, he's more incline to play than sitting down to write! I just feel that this country's education system forces them to write at too early an age! WHY? What purpose does it serve and does it make them any cleverer in the near future? Doubt very much so! I think it causes more harm than good! Sigh, unfortunately he's in this system and I've got to try and somehow get him used to it.

Rite, got a couple of assignments to finish off before the weekend mayhem starts. TTFN!

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