Wednesday, 27 February 2008

>>> Earthquake! <<<

OMG! I felt it! It happened just before 1am. Just lying in bed, waiting to doze off when suddenly I felt the bed shaking, then the room, accompanied by a low rumbling sound. I immediately guess it was earthquake as I had experienced something similar in 2000. One cannot ever forget the feeling of earthquake. It leaves you rooted to the ground (in my case, the bed), feeling extremely scared and totally helpless. Thankfully the tremors lasted about 10 sec. The boys were fast asleep and didn't feel a thing. I woke hubby up when I said 'What's that' when the tremors occured. Obviously he didn't feel it and when I told him, he asked me if I were dreaming?!!! Eh hello, why on earth would I dream of an earthquake or even the feeling of things shaking about me?

Anyway, the next morning, he called me on my mobile to confirm I was right about the earthquake. He heard it over the radio. It measured 5.2 on the Ritcher scale. Apparently the biggest in England but seriously I think the quake in Dudley in 2000 lasted far longer than this one. Ohhh, I can't never ever forget that experience.

BackPorch Memories March kit is awesome. Check out the sneak peek. My DT kit will be late this month as Paula is awaiting stuff that she ordered from CHA. They are all the latest products. So cool and how nice to play with new stuff.

Oh, just been asked to be guest designer for a cool product! More news to come later...... TTFN!

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