Wednesday, 13 February 2008

>>> 5 Years Ago... <<<

this little boy was born on this day! I can still remember the day so clearly! He was supposed to be delivered by c-section on 14th Feb 03 but decided to make his appearance a day earlier! Trust me to have just finished my dinner when labour pains began (on 12th Feb). I had to wait a good 6 hrs before they gave me the epidural and by then, the pain was getting worst! Anyway, he was eventually taken out at 3.37am, weighing a good 8 lbs! No wonder I feel so squashed inside during pregnancy! Anyway, Happy Birthday ZAC!

Presents from his friends and relatives. I made his wait till today to open it but he was cool about it! He did, however open 2 pressies on Sunday!

We wanted to bring the boys out but both pointly refused to go out and wanted to stay at home. Not surprisingly as Zac received a new DS game (Mario/Sonic at the Olympic Games) and wanted to play their DS. It was another brillant day again but well, can't forced them to go out if they don't want to. So hubby went out to get food groceries as his parents were coming over for dinner.
After dinner, we celebrated Zac birthday (yup again) with another cake, this time a cake ordered from a Chinese bakery! Zac loved strawberries and had an enormous piece! Took a family photo but didn't set my lighting properly... typical! Oh well....

Set the timer but failed to put on the flash! Typical! Still, kinda like the effect! No doubt this pic will be photoshopped heavily if used for scrapping!

Zac opening another round of pressies. Kept some aside for this moment. He's not allowed choccies normally so managed to get him some dark ones that didn't contain too much milk. He has an intolerant to dairy products from cows! (Be interesting to find choccies made from goat's milk though!!!) Haven't had a chance to photoshop this pic otherwise would have airbrushed the plugs behind! What an eyesore!


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