Monday, 25 February 2008

>>> Happy Anniversary! <<<

to hubby and moi! Sheesh, has it been 8 years? I'm amazed I've lasted that long seeing that I do get bored easily and have never lasted more than a year with any ex's!!! Oh well, as long as he doesn't interfere with my scrapping and leave me to it, that's fine.

I got a box of choccies from hubby! I don't do flowers and have asked hubby never ever to give me any as I'm not thoroughly impressed by them. The mere thought of cleaning them when they wilt is enough to put a damper to it! It just stinks and I absolutely hate any chore that smells.

Choccies are fine but I'm seriously trying to reduce the inches off my waistline and am constantly getting choccies as presents. Doesn't help does it? Don't ever think of saying 'don't eat it'. If it's there it will get eaten. Even more so when I'm scrapping as I find choccies kinda give me the creative juices. Oh well, I shall have to put aside my abstinence to choccies for the time being! TTFN!

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