Monday, 4 February 2008

>>> Weekend Gone Again! <<<

Gosh, the weekend literally flew! Woke up on Sat morning to see a sheet of snow covering the garden, not much but enough to get Zac out there walking about! Sometimes wished it did snow much more!

Little one decided to play with snow but of course it's very cold. So luved his reaction when he found out the hard way!

The nite was spent at Morag's, scrapping to our heart's content. Can't say I was productive as I had to watch the latest series of CSI New York first! Finally towards midnite, managed to stuck down a few bits here and there!

On Sunday, went off to Costco for a browse. Managed to get a card for myself so couldn't wait to get in there to buy my Oreo biscuits! Absolutely adore those biscuits! God knows why it isn't readily available at the local supermarts! Have seen it sold at Selfridges at exorbitant prices!!!

Got a busy week ahead of me as it's Chinese New Year on Thursday. Wish I was back in Singapore as it would be so terribly festive over there not to mention all the CNY goodies on display. Ahhh, missed those seasonal titbits! Anyway, I do try to follow in this country by having the traditional CNY dinner consisting of steamboat with mega prawns, squids, fishballs, beef etc! Steamboat is basically a large pot consisting of soup that is boiling during the course of the meal and you add food in. Hence, all you get ready is the raw stuff that you want and you simply dip those into the soup during the meal. My dad got me a tin of abalone (which cost mega £££ here at the Chinese supermart i.e. £30) so that will be used for the CNY dinner! I'll be having the dinner on Sat evening and most likely hubby's relatives will be there too as they are coming up for Zac's birthday party, which lead me to the next busy schedule.

Zac's having his party at Build-a-Bear Workshop on Sunday and has invited his classmates from school. His 4 other cousins are coming as well. So this coming weekend will be busy. I've to get a birthday cake for him as well as order a Chinese cake for his actual birth date which is the 13th Feb. We always have a Chinese birthday cake as it's absolutely delicious! So the lucky boy will have 2 cakes, one to share with his school friends, and one on his actual day itself!

Will have to spring clean the house as well (not a chore I look forward to doing!) Anyway, this coming new year will be the Year of the Rat! It's my youngest brother's year so he will be 36! Gotta go check out this year prediction, not that I'm a great believer but it's good to know. TTFN!

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Sally said...

Happy New Year! I'm so jealous, we didn't get ANY snow this year :(
Hope your party goes well.