Monday, 15 October 2012

~ At Last! ~

Managed to get my new hard disk into my Mac and install the Operating System Snow Leopard (yup still using the old one despite Mountain Lion is out now and no inclination to change at the moment. Why fix something that isn't broken!) Then I realised I had to update all the security patches etc. Somehow during that fix, something went wrong. On Sunday morning, went down to the Apple store whereby they wipe my hard disk and install the latest Snow Leopard for me thereby eliminating any updates! I went home and restore my hard disk. The only problem is that I didn't have the latest backup i.e. Tuesday, 11th Oct! The latest was actually late August! So I lost a lot of files that was created in Sep and early Oct! So annoyed. Apparently my Cloud storage failed to update properly and I had to rely on my backup based on late Aug! Oh well, thankfully my digi stuff was stored in an external hard disk so that was ok! I now need to find another storage area for Time Machine just in case!

Good to know that my Macbook is now up and running! TTFN! 

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