Thursday, 11 October 2012

~ And It Happened! ~

The inevitable happened! My Macbook died on me on Tuesday night. It started with this ball and I rebooted and that ball kept coming up. Each reboot got no further and eventually, I got a grey screen of death! A trip to the Apple store confirmed the inevitable! My hard disk has gone kaput! Nothing wrong with the Macbook. Now that hard disk is only 2 yrs old, younger than my Macbook! Thank goodness I had set up my Time Machine on my new storage system so I do have a latest copy of what was in the Macbook. The unfortunately part is that two external hard disks (that contains all my digi files) were configured in Mac format hence, I can't use them on a PC. I'm currently using my son's PC laptop and it sucks big time as all my links were saved in Safari. I've ordered a new internal hard disk from Amazon and hope it comes soon. I feel so lost with my trusty Macbook. TTFN!

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