Saturday, 27 October 2012

~ Art Journal Caravan: Itinerary #43 ~

For this Itinerary, I came up with 2 art journals and based it on the colour scheme:

Initially, I went for the quote and came up with this page: 

Studio 68 & Sherrie JD: Reflections
Tangie Baxter: Inktastic Week26, Ink Corporated
Vicki Stegall: Whimsy
Fonts: Tangie AJF Knave & Tangie AJF White Rabbit

However, I wasn't entirely happy with it. And so I did another one based on... 

And this was my page: 

Rebecca Mcmeen: Essie & Esmerlda
Tangie Baxter: Misty Inkover5, Splatter Graffiti She
Lifescapes Designs: Botanica
Fonts: Downcome & Tangie AJF Mad Hatter

I admit, I was watching X-Factor while doing my art journals hence that was why it appeared on my page! TTFN!

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