Sunday, 30 September 2012

~ Happy Mooncake Festival ~

to my Singaporean friends. Enjoy your mooncake and think of me! Basically, it a festival where we have mooncake and play with lanterns! A typical Chinese festival also know as Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节). I remember those fantastic lanterns I used to carry around at night. 

I did manage to buy two durian mooncake to bring back here for my hubby. These days, they have the most outrageous and innovative mooncakes for sale. 

This is a traditional mooncake, filled with lotus paste or even red bean paste and sometimes yolk from salted duke egg is included. I'm not personally keen on the yolk.

These are the snow skin mooncake, quite common in Singapore. A break from the traditional kind and it is filled with a lot of unusual filling eg. durian, rum and raisin, bak kua etc. I've not tried the unusual kind but my next trip out, I'll be hunting down for them!

Typical paper lanterns

When it lit at nite!
(all photos taken from the web)

My boys don't like mooncake. Well, at least they can play with lanterns! I did get them Angry Bird lanterns! TTFN!

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