Thursday, 6 September 2012

~ GIS: Inspired By Infographics ~

This article recently came out on Get It Scrapped site as seen here. Infographic combines images and numbers to give an informed view about a certain topic. It's interesting to see how it can be used in scrapbooking. Here's my take on it: 

Ju Kniepp Designs & Tangie Baxter: Creative Felicity
Anna Aspnes: 12x12 Sand Scratched Overlays No1, Flutterby Foto Blendz No3
Tangie Baxter: Cart Set 32 Color Wheel, AJC11 Parcel 30
Fonts: Legion Slab, Duval Outline & Larger Mime

I chose to use colours to portray moods and how various colours can affect moods. Hence, the info about how a certain colour evoke a certain mood. Then I put myself in red as that is my favourite colour. I had fun doing this page. My most colourful page to date. TTFN!

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