Friday, 7 September 2012

~ GIS: Back To School Photos ~

At this time of the year, it's common to photograph kids going back to school. I always do it. Well, here's an article dedicating to Back To School pages as seen here

Anna Aspnes: Artsy Template No62, ArtPlay Palette Concerto
Cinzia Designs: Ready To Learn
One Little Bird: Bird Seeds V1 UK
Elise's Pieces & Chelle's Creations: In Harmony
Font: Follow You Into The World

I chose to focus on my two boys whereby they were in the same school together for the first time. Their Infants and Juniors schools are separated. Well, the wee one entered the Junior school at Year 3 while the older one was in his final year at Year 6. It was great to bring the boys to the same school and see them both on the same school ground. It was also great that the older one could guide his younger brother around school. 

My page is peppered with musical images too as both of them have violin lessons in school too and both are in the same music group as well. So it was easier for me to attend their lessons. I kinda miss that school year. TTFN!

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