Monday, 10 September 2012

~ Blah Blah... ~

Now that the Paralympics are over, I'm kinda sad. It's my first time seeing it and I had enjoyed the various sports and it certainly taught me a lot about the event. I was glad they show the classification system in swimming and also in the various sports. It helped me to understand the event better. It goes to show that despite certain mobility limitations, these athletes were not deterred and nothing is impossible if one put his/her mind to it! I was so full of admiration for these athletes. 

I'm slowly getting back on my feet. I suffered from jet lag the first week. I was thoroughly knackered by 9pm and I'm usually a nite owl!!! Hardly touched my computer too and as a result, I'm now trying to catch up on my assignments that are soon to be due! 

As for my so-called craft corner, I need to re-organise my stash. It's just finding the time as I'm full of appointments this week as well as the weekend! And I'm not even working full time!!! TTFN!

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